At H2O Environmental Services, we focus on providing quality services for our clients with our dedicated, in-house staff.  However, for large projects that require a surge support effort, our partnerships with select environmental consulting and engineering firms can be utilized to provide exemplary products in shortened timeframes. Our flexibility and outside resources makes H20 Environmental Services a unique small business that can optimize performance and provide best value for our clients.


We aim to perform most technical field services but also routinely use subcontractors to assist in excavation, drilling, surveying, laboratory, electrical, plumbing, and waste transportation and disposal services.

All subcontractors are evaluated and must be initially qualified and maintain qualifications throughout the period of performance of our contract to ensure subcontractor performance within the terms of our client agreements Subcontractor performance is also evaluated at the conclusion of all projects to determine any future agreements between H2O and the subcontractor.

If your company is interested in a partnership, please contact us with any questions.